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Professional Solar Lamp Manufacturer

Solar fence wall lamp

Ruocin creates a two-color light (positive white light/dimming white light integrated high-brightness patch LED), high-brightness LED light; Users can easily switch the light color, no longer need to choose white or warm white light and trouble.Easy installation,no wiring, maintenance free, dark automatic lighting.
Suitable for home, villa, hotel, garden and other decorative lamps, scenic spots and other outdoor applications.

Solar lawn lamp

Solar lawn lamp, easy to install, no wiring, maintenance-free, charging during the day at night automatically bright light, there are two colors, color change two styles,Suitable for courtyard, park, villa, hotel and other places

Solar garden light

Solar garden light, use A grade monocrystalline silicon solar panels, solar energy conversion rate is high, the brightness of the incandescent lamp brightness is equivalent to 100 w, equipped with stainless steel stents, equipped with sufficient capacity lithium battery, 12 MiYouXiao function of remote control, manual + remote control + optical brightness + 8 + 3 regularly file + infinitely adjustable brightness + memory + forced open and close function


Ruocin is professional manufacture export solar light for Europe,Asian,African,USA ,Australian.African ,Southeast Asia is mainmarket .We desigin and prouct patnet product in China by different country ,different village ,different home .
Solar product include :wall light ,garden light ,solar system ,street lgiht ,portable light ,decorative light .those product all are carhged solar emergency light for short electrical  village,poor kids for a eyes .
Our aim is add the lgiht to everywhere .one lihging cnage every eyes and dark.

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